Zero Leak Gear Pump

Model – GRZ

Operating Data

  • Pump Size: 6 Inch to 12 Inch
  • Capacity: Up to 65 Tons/hr
  • Pressure: Up to 7 Bar
  • Temperature: Up to +90 °C
  • Viscosity: above 5000 cst


Sugar Industry: Molasses A, Molasses A light, Molasses B, Molasses B light, Final Molasses

Distillery: Molasses Processing


  • Zero Leak Face Seal
  • Cooling system to face seal
  • Negative Suction
  • Bearing support to drive shaft


In order to meet the strict environmental regulations imposed by government, we introduced the “Zero Leak Gear Pump,” which is widely used in molasses processing. With additional cooling system life of the seal is improved significantly.